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Image by Nathan Hurst


Image by Nathan Hurst

Do you need an experienced lawyer to resolve your family law dispute?

We understand situations can arise where parenting and separation disputes cannot be resolved outside Court. Emotions are often high, the other party may not be interested in settling, or if the dispute has been ongoing for some time, you may find it difficult to finalise your matter.

Negotiations are often challenging and stressful. You may feel like you are not being heard. You may want to resolve your dispute amicably. However, you are struggling to reach a compromise.

Trust the experts

Hammond Legal has extensive experience representing clients across a broad range of family law matters.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Drafting and preparing binding financial agreements;

  • Divorce applications;

  • Property divisions;

  • Drafting and preparing parenting agreements; and

  • Family violence and restraining orders.

Hammond Legal's experienced family lawyers are devoted to getting you through this difficult time and providing you with the direction that you need.


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