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Extraordinary Driver's Licences

Hammond Legal's experienced traffic lawyers offer expertise in obtaining Extraordinary Driver's Licences (EDLs). We appreciate that the loss of a driver's licence can make life extremely difficult. We work with clients to obtain an EDL that gets them back on the road as soon as possible with the least amount of conditions as possible.

What is an EDL?

An EDL is a licence that can allow a person disqualified from driving to drive under certain circumstances. An EDL can be granted by the Magistrates Court or District Court and is often subject to strict conditions.

The Court will not automatically give you an EDL unless you can show the Court that if you cannot drive:

  • You or a family member will be unable to get urgent medical treatment for an existing illness, disease or disability; or

  • It will take away the main source of earning money and cause an undue financial burden on you or your family; or

  • You or someone in your family has no other practicable means of transport for getting to and from work.

You can apply if you are under a court imposed licence disqualification or suspension. You cannot apply if:

  • You are currently under a roadside disqualification notice given to you by the police;

  • Your licence is suspended because of unpaid fines or infringements;

  • Your licence is disqualified because of excessive demerit points (including breaching a 'double or nothing' good behaviour period); or

  • Your licence is disqualified in another State in Australia.


If your licence was cancelled

If you were disqualified from driving and your licence was cancelled, the Court may make an order that you re-sit your test before you are allowed to drive under an EDL. This may be helpful to you because:

  • You will not have to wait until after your disqualification has ended to reapply for a licence;

  • You will not have to wait in a queue before you re-sit the test; and

  • When the EL ends, you will be allowed to continue driving because you will already have sat your test and have your licence back.


In deciding whether to grant your application, the Court will consider a number of factors including:

  • The safety of the public;

  • Your character;

  • The nature of the offence(s) giving rise to the disqualification; and

  • Your conduct since you were disqualified from driving.


Waiting periods


The waiting period depends on many factors including the type of conviction, the number of previous convictions, any term of imprisonment and any period of fine suspension.


Once your application is filed a hearing date will be set 14 days from the date you file.


If your application if refused, you must wait 6 months before reapplying. This is why it is best to engage a lawyer to assist you with your application.

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