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Image by Nathan Hurst


Image by Nathan Hurst

Are you preparing a new contract, about to sign a contract or need advice about a business deal?

Do you need help with debt recovery, insolvency, bankruptcy, liquidation, voluntary administration or deeds of arrangement?

Preparing and understanding contracts can be a difficult process. If it’s not done correctly, it may land you in trouble in the future. Failure to adequately draft a contract could expose you or your business to unforeseen risks and costs.

Drafting and preparing contracts without legal knowledge can be a time consuming process and may leave you feeling uneasy about future potential risks. For example, rental fixture clauses and break clauses for commercial contracts.

These Contracts can have hidden terms that you may not be aware of which can cause you economic loss down the track.

Trust the experts

Hammond Legal can assist you or your business with any contractual matters you may have, including:

  • Drafting and preparing a contract

  • Reviewing a pre-existing contract

  • Ensuring contracts are being effected with maximum efficiency for the business and are compliant with relevant legislation

  • Commercial leasing

  • Security documents

  • Mortgages

  • Caveats

  • Property development

By engaging the services of a professional firm to prepare and administer your contracts, you will have peace of mind knowing that the contract has been written appropriately and that your business is protected against future risks.

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