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Image by Nathan Hurst


Image by Nathan Hurst

Are you a director or officer of a company? Are you confused as to your responsibilities and regulatory requirements? Do you think you may have breached your obligations?

The responsibilities and regulatory requirements of directors and company officers are complex and onerous. Company directors are increasingly facing scrutiny from regulators. Company directors have duties statutory and in general law to the company and to its shareholders, employees and creditors.


Non-compliance and serious breaches of your obligations could lead to prosecution by the Australian Security Investments Commission, the Australian Taxation Office or other government regulatory bodies. You could be at risk of being removed as a company director,

it is crucial that you understand your obligations and responsibilities.

Experience Matters

Hammond Legal are experienced in offering support and guidance on corporate governance issues, including:

  • Advising directors and company officers of their duties and responsibilities

  • Representation and advice at company meetings

  • Preparing company policies and general meeting notices

  • Reviewing, drafting and amending company constitutions

  • Removing a director from the company

  • Liaising with ASIC, ASX, ATO and other Government regulatory bodies

With Hammond Legal’s knowledge and experience of corporate governance you can be assured that you will be advised how to best comply with your duties and responsibilities.

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