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DNA Delay: What It Means For You If You Are Innocent

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

WA’s pathology centre PathWest has advised criminal lawyers that it will now take an average of 12 weeks to return DNA reports instead of the average 4 weeks.

What this means for you is that firstly it may not be a period of 12 weeks, it could be even longer. The reason for the increased delay being issues relating to an increased work load, complexity of the work and a lack of staff.

These DNA reports are crucial if the identity of an offender is in dispute. This evidence will be what is relied upon for the trial.

If you are relying on these DNA reports, this will cause a delay in you obtaining legal advice, a further delay in an already time logged system to proceeding to trial, and an even longer time in custody awaiting your trial.

Furthermore what is already an expensive exercise, will become even more so (these costs which you cannot recover if the matter is being heard in the District and Supreme Court)

Pathwest hopes that these delays will only be temporary.

Read more on WA Today HERE.


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